AIOn board the Air India One in Hanover, secured by the Special Protection Group, the Prime Minister of India got robbed (no pun intended).

On his trip to Germany in April this year, the SPG found the seal of one of the cabinets broken, though nothing was planted, a few bottles of liquor were missing. According to Air India, a service engineer who had access to that part of the aircraft stole the bottles, but surprisingly the bottles were recovered with 14 members of the flight crew.

A total of 29 bottles of a top liquor brand were found while xraying the baggage of the flight crew, including the baggage of the captain! I would not think that the engineer stole the bottles and then hid them in the baggage of the crew!!

The A I is making a service engineer a scapegoat to resolve the matter. I dont think they realize the seriousness of the issue here. If something can be stolen from the Air India One, something can be planted or sabotaged too and if the highest authority of the state of India cannot trust the captain of the Air India One, I dont think I have enough reason totrust my neighbor, he has something that looks like a Bazooka or an anti aircraft gun.(may be its just scrap iron).

Theres this movie Air Force Once, in which President Ford gets kidnapped in his own plane. At least Dr Manmohan Singh arrived safely back home, a little sober may be but safe. AI has dismissed the flights captain but I think hes pointed a major fault in the security. What if the flights captain a bad guy?! Dear SPG please think about it, WE are just ordinary citizens, let US face the shrapnels, but please protect our Prime Minister.