If you studied under CBSE regime and paid attention during your eighth grade standard, you would have learnt that ‘freedom of speech’is one of your fundamental rights. and if you live in Kerala you also get the right to join the SFI and burn state buses. that’s another discussion, we will leave that for later.

There has been a lot of noise in the blogWorld (sorry, working for IDG makes you add World to everything) that India has become the next China, Iran, Ethiopia, North Korea etc. So much has been said about this ‘BAN’ and how dumb/idiotic/moronic the Indian establishment is for doing such a thing. Some even went to the extent of claiming that ‘The terrorists have won’.

Fellow countrymen, lets just go over a few points,

  1. We don’t even block obvious porn sites.
  2. Anti-government sites, almost every militant unit (LTTE, ULFA, JKLF etc) all have websites that are not blocked.
  3. Do you serious think that people in the Indian Government, DoT, CERT-IN, the ISPs are silly enough to block/ban something like Google’s blogger?

A reason for this “access control” was posted on this blog. There is no issue of censorship here. If that were the case, trust me, the Government has bigger fish to fry than blogger. I can understand that the Indian government perhaps doesn’t have the best PR policies but let this not be a reason to slag them off throughout the blogWorld. Let’s go easy on the RTIs and show some patience.