I’m no leftist. I’m with the Kerala Congress (not a part of Madam Sonia’s Congress). We pretty much go left, right, centre and nowhere depending on what we get out of it. With about half a dozen MLAs and couple of MPs in the Lok Sabha, we are doing pretty well for ourselves.

Growing up in India’s south, in my backwater village, the first clue you get of your country is in grade standard class three when you have to draw the map of India for five marks in your social studies exam. Drawing the southern part of India was easy, something like a V. The tough parts were J&K and Gujarat. This exercise kind off makes you curious about these places. Then you start stereotype them at the age of eight. Bengalis like fish and are communists. Tamil Nadu doesn’t have water so people there don’t take bath ( and when they do, it’s by stealing water from Kerala!)

These change as you grow up, you meet different people and the stereotypes are broken. Except for two (till last week). Do anyone know a Gujarati officer in the Indian army? and know of any Gujarati who supports the left?

The army officer, I still don’t know but I had the pleasure of meeting Nishant Shah at Jace’s place in Bangalore, last week. The first Gujarati leftist I know 🙂 He is not in Gujarat though, he hasn’t been there for a while and currently he is a visiting affiliated Scholar at the Center for the Study of Sexualities, Chungli, Taiwan.