Ready as ever!

Two Israeli soldiers get kidnapped from Northern Israel, Israel holds Lebanon responsible. Lebanon claims it has no control over the southern parts of the country and Hezbollah. Israel attacks the whole of Lebanon and takes out Hezbollah leadership and infrastructure.200 innocents get killed in Mumbai. Our Prime Minister after four days says that this was an act done by groups ‘across the border’. Says Mumbai is strong and we are united. Does nothing. Are we going to do anything? Every day our soldiers and civilians are blown up in Jammu and Kashmir. We still so nothing.
Pakistan occupied Kashmir continues to harbour terrorists training camps. Terrorists cross into the country from there. We have the evidence to prove it apart from the increasing toll of dead and injured civilians. Can’t we do anything against these terrorists?

Pakistan claims that it has no control over these groups and the very same groups are out to kill their President. What are we waiting for? Let’s do them a favour and do what Israel is doing and weed them out!

Are we really the softest F***king state on the planet?