Just saw ‘The Road to Guantanamo’ today. At first I thought it was impossible that three guys would venture into Afghanistan just out of curiosity about the size of the naans there. It was simply hard to believe that the Americans, the mighty Americans, would fly these guys half way across the word and lock them up for two years for no reason. I presumed, based on the London bombings, these guys were guilty, the Pakistani-British bombers had too come to Pakistan and then gone to Afghanistan for training.

But once you see the documentary, you realise that these guys were perhaps the unluckiest bunch in the world. Some parts of the documentary is funny, like the time the American officer asks them if they know where Osama bin Laden is.

I felt sorry for the guys, but unfortunately not all fault lies with the Americans. There were a numbers of British Muslims of Pakistani origin who flew down to Pakistan and Afghanistan to be a part Al Qaeda (like the London train bombers). The fact that the Taliban consisted of a large number of Pakistanis gave rise to the suspicion and these guys paid the price for it.

Here is a clip,