After the bomb blasts, the media has been writing about the speed at which Mumbai has recovered from the blasts.

“The stock market was up”

“People went back on the trains and all the offices were open the next day”

As a person born and brought up in Mumbai, I am very proud of my hometown and commend each and every Mumbai-kar for showing true courage and daring. Every single one of you is my HERO !

But do we REALLY want life to go back to “NORMAL“?

Do the people of Mumbai want the TV and newspaper reports can go back to “normal reporting” and gossip on the latest movie stars personal life? Is “Which star sleeps with who?” and “How many clothes a starlet is wearing?’ more important than the innocent lives lost ???

Do the relatives of the victims whose lives were lost want things to back to normal – so that can run around government officials for money to replace their loved ones  ( They probably won’t get the entire money amount since “normal procedure-wise” government officials need help with “chai-paani kharcha”)

Do the people who board the trains everyday want life to go back to normal when they are facing the same risks as they did before?

Do Mumbaikars want life to go back to normal as it did in 1993 so that it is easier for politicians to go back to their “normal political life” of making more money for themselves rather than apprehending the murderers of innocent people?

Life does go on and I am sure not one single Mumbaikar wants to relive the tragic day of the Mumbai blasts. Almost everyone speaks with pride on how normal life is slowly becoming but aren’t they making it easier for people to not give them the attention and justice they deserve? Isn’t things going back to “normal” a form of passiveness?

I may be different, but give me some “abnormal life”. I don’t want things to go back to the usual state !

I was personally affected by the 1993 blasts and at that time extremely proud that I went back to school immediately and my parents went back to work. Now as I grow older, I want to take my time to grieve, to feel sad and heart-broken. I want the lives lost to mean something. I want to take my time going “back to normal”……