SinghPrime Minister Manmohan Singh today said the terrorists behind Tuesday’s serial blasts in Mumbai were “supported by elements across the border”. Dr Singh said without naming any country.

“Without the support from elements across the border, the terrorists would not have been able to carry out strikes with such an effect,” he added.

Now, unless you are really sniffing petrol for the last 20 years (three times daily), you know he means Pakistan. Every time, this is the case. We blame them and sit back helpless and whining. That’s what we do, complain/lodge a protest/in the strongest language/call of a meeting. What has this achieved?
Come on Dr. Singh, 60 per cent of your populations is people like me who are below the age of 30. Most of us are tried of this nonsense. It’s time for ACTION. IF YOU HAVE THE EVIDENCE, DO SOMETHING.