Today when I heard about the bomb blasts in Mumbai, I stopped doing everything and started frantically checking for news updates.

Over 150 lives lost, many more injured….all for what? .The people killed were probably not even thinking of government policies – just trying to get back home after a hard day’s work and the only wrong they did was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time…

The sun has set but it is the just the beginning of never seeing their loved ones again for the families of the 150 people who lost their lives.

As I sit here in the US poring thru the news, I feel a sense of  shock and outrage. I share in the pain and sorrow.

I want to yell and shout at someone – but I can’t . I want to blame the “system” – but I have given up that right. 

What can I do? What can I do? – Nothing much except calling all my loved ones and making sure they are OK.

If actions count louder than words, how can I put to action the rush of emotions and feelings oozing out of me? I feel completely helpless and useless…….

All I can do is pray for my fellow Mumbaikars. I may be far away but Mumbai will always be a part of my heart ………