Another Bomb blast, another organized attack against India by Pakistan sponsored Terrorist group, though still no claims have be made about who being responsible, but it’s obvious that who is (They are not Afghanistan warlords or Chechen rebels) responsible for this gruesome crime.

We all appreciate Mumbai spirit as we did earlier for Delhi and Varanasi , where  the blast happened just before Deepawali.  But we need to ask, haven’t we become more prone & casual for bomb blast now.

Our politicians and our own countrymen forget about the blast within 10 days and then it’s left only to family and persons, those who suffered in the blast.  Our leaders repeat the same messages condemning the blast and promising that culprits will be caught. While most of the culprits run back to their haven in Pakistan. And then we add a new name in the Wanted list, send the updated list to Pakistan, which denies it involvement and presence of any one of them.

We have almost forgotten about our brave soldiers who die daily in J&K. It seems that our politicians have taken for granted, that Soldier normally die in Jammu and Kashmir, bomb blast are common and now even civilian death makes us condole only temporarily.

We keep peace option open with Pakistan, start a new route, new rail and new bus journey every month, jeopardizing our security as well.

I am not sure what will be the solution to Kashmir problem. Will Pakistan ever stop chanting their false claims on Kashmir and whether India will be ever, able to get back the lost Kashmir(POK), Aksai chin or even give away present Kashmir. Even if it does, I am sure Pakistan will then ask for Jammu, Ladakh and then even Himachal.

 It does not make any sense just to show it on our Map and claim that it is ours. While POK is being used as hotbed for Anti Indian activities, fully sponsored and trained by ISI. We need to fight for it and it’s high time to get things straight.

It’s time to teach Pakistan and act tough, that  peace can only follow, when they stop supporting , financing, training Terrorist group, handover the Most wanted Terrorist to India (Dawood and Company).  Start thinking about hot pursuit and forward aggression policy and clear the POK with Terrorist camps.

We need to convey the right message like Israel, that has brought Hamas to it’s knees. Life of even one soldier is important as he is part of the country and attack on one person whether Civilian or Army men inside our territory amounts to attacking the whole country.