India today has listed IIPM has one of the country’s best business schools in its recent issue. It doesn’t explain why? So here is some interesting points from Wikipeida.

IIPM has been involved in a major controversy regarding the veracity of its claims in print advertisements. (IIPM spends a lot of money on print advertising) The controversial elements are:

* IIPM claims on its print advertisements and on its web site that its campuses have infrastructure like swimming facilities and 1000-seat auditoriums. Detractors claim such infrastructure is only available in its New Delhi Campus. IIPM allegedly maintains that New Delhi is the only campus, the rest are branches. But this contradicts with what is on the IIPM web page on infrastructure. (All branches are referred to as campuses)

* Placement information on the IIPM advertisements and web site mention that a number of companies have recruited its students. JAM magazine, Businessworld and other detractors claim to have spoken to the companies mentioned, and these companies, they claim, have either denied going to the IIPM campus or branches, or having recruited anyone from IIPM before they finished the IIPM course.

* IIPM is not accredited with the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), but in its print advertisements this is mentioned in very small print. The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) said that IIPM does not have the right to use the words “Indian Institute” in its name without central government approval. AICTE has also mentioned that it is illegal for IIPM to offer foreign degrees without AICTE approval.

* The World Class Faculty: From Businessworld:

Faculty from the names that IIPM advertises so heavily – Harvard, Columbia, Wharton, Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford et al – do not actually ‘teach’ at IIPM. Instead of picking a subject and teaching it over some weeks, as is the practice at the Indian School of Business, they just collect students at an auditorium and give a one-time lecture.

* IIPM continues to use Outlook C-Fore Business-School survey where the IIPM Delhi campus was ranked in the top 10, but Outlook has withdrawn these rankings, and has published two caution notices in 2005 warning students about such withdrawal. On the outlook site (requires free registration) Outlook says:

Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) doesn’t disclose facts truly and correctly. Under notice to them, we are withdrawing all the rankings given to IIPM forthwith.