You may deserve to get into one of the elite group of knowledge institutions but you may not end up there if you do not belong to the elite group. Simple reason being, the category column of your admission card said GENERAL. Heck..protests against rapes
For years this country hadnt seen such a huge outburst of anger from the youth, call it awareness, internet, ICT or Rang De Basanti effect, the youth is waking up for their rights. But wait a second who are they waking up for…sahi jawab : for themselves.

So as long as the next 14-year-old raped on the streets is not their family member, its not their fight. As long as the next tinky MMS doesnt picture them, there aint any problem to rally and face tear gas shells about. The Sardar Sarovar reservoir will submerge 245 villages, including 28,000 acres of forests. Tens of thousands are likely to be affected. One hundred and ninety three villages, home to over 38,000 families, in Madhya Pradesh will be submerged. The 33 villages that will be submerged in Maharashtra are all inhabited by tribals; Gujarat will lose 19 villages, but the youth, that has so hipped the anti reservation campaign across the country, has no reason to feel moved by this, cause its not their parents displaced. Some 75 people died recently in Assam and around 300,000 affected, not by AIDS, not by cancers nor by bird flu but ..malaria. The grand glorification of the modern Hindustan is coming of age and with the youth on the current track, there is only one destiny.. annihilation.
The DMK government in TN promised distributing colored televisions to woo voters, so the AIADMK started with the new-IT-inspired act, they promised distributing free computers… Wait a second what has that got to do with the youth. OK ..if someone offers us a grand job worth six figure monthly salary and asks us to vote for him..right we’ll vote for him. There are a hundred thousand things that happen in this country every day, which should hurt us the way this reservation thing does, but it doesnt because it doesnt affect us. Its high time to realize that it does affect us, sooner or later we will realize that the growing attrocities on women in this country will not ignore the females of our families, that the growing deflation of the value of human life in this country will not ignore us and people who we choose to run this country are humans just like us who really dont give a damn about us. So boys and girls read the national pledge, its our real brothers and sisters out there…