MeeraMeera Jasmine a South Indian actress who is a Christian by birth has stirred up controversy by worshipping at the RajRajeshwara temple in North Kerala

While I definitely don’t like big stars who generate controversy just to get more newspaper real-estate in time for a major release of a movie, I don’t think that was the case with her. In fact, I think that she is trying to stop any whiff of controversy by trying to pay for the purification of the temple. I commend her for trying to get out of the controversy but shouldn’t someone be standing up for her? I don’t want any raving lunatic going crazy and trying to burn himself but what about all the NGOs, women’s support groups and other organizations? What is wrong with praying to God?

I am a Hindu and I understand that there are rules to be followed and observed – but it’s about time that some of these rules got changed. We are still not in the 10th century for heaven’s sake. Shouldn’t we keep up with the time? Also, isn’t there a law in the Constitution that prevents from being barred from a religious institution on the basis of caste, gender or religion – What happened to equality? In any case, if the priests are really serious about barring all non-Hindus, I guess they would have to purify the temple everyday – How do they know who’s coming thru the temple doors?

I don’t know the complete story (just what’s being reported by the press) and have never even heard of her or seen her movies before today – but am I the only one who thinks she did absolutely no wrong? Why is no one rushing forward to support her?