TimeREBECCA MYERS of Time writes about Gunjan Thiagarajah, 29, a sales and marketing employee at a biotech firm in Los Angeles, who was on the cover of Time magazine issue, India Inc.

I felt really wierd when I read this part,

“She had no idea that, through the process of stock photography, her face would become an international symbol for the future of India.

In international symbol for the future of India? Oh come on!

The article goes on to state,

As it turns out, Thiagarajah is an appropriate model for the story on the globalization of India: she’s Indian but grew up in Nigeria and is married to a Sri Lankan, with whom she lives in California.
She is Indian? Or is she an American citizen?

I really want to know, especially after I read this part,

She says that one of the nicest pieces of feedback she received was from a friend who said “the magazine made a good choice in picking me because I represented the best of a progressive global Indian woman.”

Can the face of the global Indian woman be an American woman living in California? Come on Time magazine, even Sonia Gandhi would have made a better cover photo of an Indian women. Anyone brown is not Indian. We are not a nation based on skin colour, just like you guys.