PREM SHANKAR JHA, author, a noted analyst and commentator, is a former editor of the Hindustan Times, The Economic Times and The Financial Express, and a former information adviser to the prime minister of India. He is a regular columnist with several leading publications.

To be honest I have been reading his columns every week since high school. This week however, I’m a little upset. He wrote this column for Outlook,The Nyet Flight To Kabul. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with Prem Shankar Jha, I’m not in favour of sending Indian soliders anywhere. But his argument has a serious flaw. This is what he says in his article:

“Sending troops to Afghanistan would generate exactly the same kind of tension among Indian Muslims. These would become hard to contain if the troops got involved in actual fighting against the Taliban.”

This is the kind of mindset, that holds us back. Whatever our religion, we are Indains first. This kind of debate and arguement only deepens the divide within our country. We should debate the pros and cons of sending troops to Afganistan based on what benift or harm it would have on our united national identity. If India were to have a war with Ireland tomorrow over potatoes do you think I would even once think whether it would hurt my feelings as an Indian Catholic?