Prince Manvendrasinh Gohil of Rajpipli, two days back, admitted to his parents that he was Homo-Sexual, something that is still looked upon as “filthy” in India and is still illegal under the Indian Penal Code.

I could not quite understand how I was different from others. I came to know about the term ‘homosexual’ from the dictionary at the age of fifteen. And as years passed I became clearer about it. I realized that it’s not a deformity and I am normal. However, I was not strong enough to tell people about it.

I told my parents I was gay. Initially it was difficult for them to accept it. They tried to convert me to heterosexuality. The doctors told them that was not possible and I guess they could not deal with the stigma.

– Gohil on NDTV News

Indian laws against homosexuality were originally enacted by in 1860 by their British colonial masters. They include up to “10 years imprisonment and
a fine, or both, for anyone found guilty of carnal intercourse against the order of nature.” Although the law is rarely enforced, the very existence of this law still irks the Gay and Lesbian communities in India.

The Prince says that he will now work towards spreading awareness about gay relationships and their struggle to be treated normally.

Personally, I don’t think the prince should be treated like this. Or any Homosexual person, for that matter. What the bloody hell are the “rent-a-protest” Communists and “walkouts-r-us” Republicans of India doing now ?