LTTE LTTE negotiator Anton Balasingham spoke to NDTV and termed Rajiv’s death “a monumental tragedy” for which they “deeply regret”.

He went on to add, “We call upon the government of India and people of India to be magnanimous to put the past behind and to approach the ethnic question in a different perspective,” he added.

“It’s up to them (India) because we have already pledged that we will never to do anything or act anything inimical to the geopolitical interest of India, so there is possibility of India playing a positive active role in bringing a resolution to this conflict,” he added.

Balasingham further said that it was in India’s interest to ensure peace in Lanka. A civil war will destabilise region and have political consequences in Tamil Nadu, he added.
Reacting to the comments, Minister of State for External Affairs Anand Sharma said India cannot forgive and forget what happened.

“What’s the point of a mere apology? India cannot forgive and forget,” said Sharma.

Anton Balasingham, you time is nearly up. Drop you weapons, call for a ceasefire and talk to the Sri Lankans. You are Sri Lankan too, whether you like it for not. India will not get involved and will pay the price for messing with the lives of so many innocents. The people of Tamil Nadu are Indians first, they will not let you ‘destabilise’ them no matter how many boat people you send across.