NavtejMEA spokesperson Navtej Sarna (who is also an author) gave a brief Q&A on the desicion to field Shashi Tharoor as India's candidate for the post of UN Secretary General. The Mutiny was there.
So does that mean that India is no longer interested in a seat in the UN Security Council?

They are separate issues and it is incorrect to perceive India’s support for one as dilution of our commitment to the other. India is a founder member of the United Nations and we have consistently and significantly contributed to all aspects of its functioning. India is strongly committed to comprehensive reforms of the United Nations and believes that the reform and expansion of the Security Council in both permanent and non-permanent categories is central to the process of UN reforms.

As far as that is concerned there is widespread and growing appreciation of India’s impeccable credentials to become a permanent member of the Security Council. There has been a steady accretion of support in our favor since the candidature was announced in 1994. India remains committed, I may mention, to the G-4 Initiative and continues a policy of engagement of G-4 and other member states to achieve the objective of UN reform. India’s nomination of Mr.Shashi Tharoor for the post of UN Secretary General is based on a commitment to rotational principle under which the next Secretary General should be from Asia and Mr. Tharoor’s internationally acclaimed stature, achievements and experience.

Has there been any discussion with any member of the P-5 in advance of this?

We have taken up this issue of seeking support for the candidature of Mr. Tharoor through diplomatic channels with all member countries of the United Nations.

Any feedback from China?

I do not have feedback from individual countries. Certainly, our Missions are actively seeking support of the member countries of the UN.

There are a number of candidates from Asia.

Yes there are.

Will it not create problems because ASEAN also has its own candidate?

All these considerations – pros and cons – have obviously been taken into consideration by the government in deciding to support Mr. Tharoor’s candidature.

What is in it for India?

I think it is a matter of pride for a son of India, a son of Asia to be the UN Secretary General.

When are the elections supposed to be held?

If I am not wrong, this matter usually comes up before the General Assembly in October and carries on but the process involves the Security Council also making a list of the candidates by, I think, mid July.

Is it going to be one name or they have more names?

Traditionally, the Security Council recommends one name.

Isn’t he perceived to be too close to Mr. Kofi Annan…US support…

These are perceptions you may have or somebody else may have. As far as we are concerned, we have based our support for his candidature on his impeccable credentials, on his very considerable achievements and on his tremendous experience within the United Nations.

Has any Indian ever been nominated?

No Indian has held that office.


I do not think so.