ShabanaThe term ‘Bollywood’ is a misnomer and should be treated as such,celebrated Indian actress and Member of Parliament Shabana Azmi said at the IIFA-FICCI Global Business Forum in Dubai today.

“The word ‘Bollywood’ suggests that all Indian cinema is an imitation of Hollywood, which it isn’t,” Azmi said during the opening session of the India-Gulf Partnership Summit organized as part of the 7th IIFA Awards Weekend in Dubai.

“The term has entered the common dictionary, and we seem to be stuck with it,” Azmi added. “India produces twice the number of films that Hollywood does, but it has taken IIFA to really put Indian cinema on the world map.”

Film, she added, is the best ambassador of culture, and has played an important role in building an appreciation of India and its people and culture all over the world, particularly in the Middle East.

Azmi, a highly regarded theatre and film actress and renowned MP, was one of several high-level UAE and Indian dignitaries at the all-day business forum held at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.