The big B and I I'm going to be totally and completely shameless and use this picture taken last month again for this post. The IIFA awards weekend kicks off today in Dubai, with the world premiere of Ash starer Provoked. I wasn't a big fan of IIFA when it started because, it was all about Hindi movies mostly and didn't understand why they call themselves the 'Indian International Film Awards'.

So I asked Mr Bachchan, why is this so and this is what he said, “We are working on including Tamil, Malayalam, Telgu Bengali and other language films into the IIFA format. I don’t think we will be truly Indian unless we add all movies produced in India or by Indians internationally. The Indian film industry is not just the Hindi films, Telgu film industry for example is much larger than the Mumbai film industry”

True to his word, the IIFA Awards in Dubai has Indian movies in six Indian languages. He also doesn't like the term 'bollywood', here is what he had to say, “I don’t like the term Bollywood, we are the Indian film industry and that’s how we should address ourselves”